Shelley Eyesis Cochrane

Alchemist, Permaculturist and Retreat Founder/Creator

Shelley journeyed through her childhood feeling unseen and misunderstood. Being invisible became her safe place.  However, she felt a deep inner conflict between the desire to be truly seen and the anxiety visibility brought upon her.

Finding the tools to resolve this inner conflict, to express herself and be seen, became her life’s quest.

At the age of 27, while sat under a tree in her permaculture paradise, Shelley had a powerful realisation―she realised that fear and excitement were the same energy and that she had the power to bring what was hidden into light.  Casting off the veil of invisibility, she stopped hiding and determined to illuminate from within.

On a deeper level, Shelly realised that her garden had facilitated this learning. She had created it and it (in turn) had created her.


She now teaches others how to connect with their innate inner power and creative abilities through the language of  alchemy, nature and plants, empowering them to connect to their inner landscapes.

Shelley Eyesis Cochrane

Kylie Wood

Zen Thai Shiatsu Practitioner, Sacred Ceremony Host, Intuitive Dance Instructor and Ayurvedic Vegan Chef

Coming from a large and loving family, Kylie’s pre-school years were defined by love and nurture. However, at school, she experienced exclusion, bullying and intimidation. Thankfully, because of her homelife, and as she matured, she was able to use both lessons empathise with the vulnerability and fragility of others.

When she embarked on a career in disability services, this gave her a unique insight into the lives of those on the margins and of the transformative energy of love and acceptance―empowering all people to shine their brightest.

Kylie’s passion for conscious cooking, dance, yoga and body work have led to her holistic approach to health coaching. By nurturing mind, body and soul awareness through conscious movement, intuitive holistic lifestyle perspectives and Zen Thai Shiatsu, Kylie facilitates a deeply profound therapy designed to help others reach their highest potential.


Nita McIntyre

Intuitive Counsellor, Women's Sacred Circle and Blessing Way Facilitator

Nita lacked confidence as a child, struggled to form meaningful friendships and, as a consequence, felt lonely and left out.

After becoming a mother at 29, Nita found connection with other women though baby circles, hearing and sharing with other mothers in an intimate and authentic way that she hadn’t experienced before.

She felt empowered by sisterhood and inspired to hold a sacred space to support women in their growth.

Nita guides circles of women, through self-reflection, connection and revelation. By creating a nurturing environment that fosters self-love, connection with other women, she empowers women to feel seen, heard and valued.

Jo Horigan

Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, Bush Walker and Nature Lover

Jo grew up in happy and safe home, but she felt plain and was a bit of a follower. Lack of challenge had left her lack-lustre and she was driven to be more.

When she was 27 she took off to the NT for new adventures and found a deep spiritual connection with the land, culture and nature.

She started to grow into her true self and remembers lying on the rocks at Ubirr feeling at home in herself for the first time. Through adventure and challenge she grew to be who she wanted to be.

Jo teaches an authentic yoga, creating a space of gentleness, harmony and reflection, where people are free to sit with hearts and be themselves.


Sharon Groves

Somatic Practitioner

Sharon felt fearful and alone through much childhood and closed her heart, becoming guarded and defensive as a protective mechanism.

Unable to maintain loving relationships, much of her adult life was spent feeling confused, unloved, and unable to change.

After going through yet another toxic and broken relationship as an adult, she knew it was time to finally do the deep work required to fully heal her trauma and reignite her capability for intimacy.  Working with body psychotherapy, Sharon transformed and released the grief and fear held by her body while increasing her levels of vitality, opening herself to love, intimacy and pleasure in new ways. And after several years of commitment to healing, she has slowly mended her broken heart.

She now works to stop the cycle of trauma continuing, by raising her children in an environment of love and acceptance and by teaching others how to overcome and heal trauma.

The results are the expression of a full range of feelings, increased authenticity and the return of joy and pleasure to life.

Claire McCollum

Sacred Song Facilitator and Ara Arcadia Digital Librarian

As a child Claire tried to hide how she felt and who she truly was because she believed that she wasn’ t good enough.

She spent her young adult life trying let go and grow by challenging the emotions associated with her childhood.

In a moment of epiphany, she decided that could accept the difficult emotions with the same ease that she accepted the comfortable ones.


This opened the possibility of changing her perspective―of changing the way she labeled her emotions as binary: good or bad, right or wrong, light or dark, McDonald’s or vegan. This was the beginning of her process of acceptance.

She realised she had never considered completely embracing what she was experiencing, or that the whole spectrum of emotions were needed for a full and complete life.

It’s not always easy to embrace our emotions or to recognise that challenging emotions alert us that deep transformative change is taking place. Claire creates a space to experience the of turmoil of challenging emotions.