Past Retreats


When things inside you change, things around you change.


The Intention

We have created this ideal time and space to give ourselves permission to receive support to transport and transmute us deeper into ourselves. To reconstruct outdated beliefs, to shine a light on our inner radiance and blossoming inner strengths. To reflect to ourselves and remind one another of how exceptionally divine we each are.

Our intention for our retreat is to make a commitment to challenge ourselves to move through self imposed blocks, to relax, have fun, deepen our connection with ourselves & our sisters.

Over the weekend we affirm to hold an impervious circle of trust to allow us to vulnerably show up and support one another as a catalyst for enrichment. This meaningful enrichment will permeate out to our families and on and on....


Schedule for Friday

3.00pm  Arrival, find your room, settle in and welcome tea - arrive with your intention set for the weekend, settle in with a cup of herbal tea

3.30pm Welcoming and Make our group Despacho with Amanda & Shelley

4.00pm  Welcome, first sharing circle- bring your intention out of your head with your spoken word to release it to the universe and know it's done, it's in motion. Voice anything personal in this safe reverent space for healing and light to be shone upon and transformed.

5pm   Shamanic Journey ~ Amanda  During this journey we will travel through a sonic medium (drum) to meet with our allies in the Lower World of Shamanic Reality. From there we will travel with our allies to the teachers in the Upper World of Shamanic Reality to meet with a heavenly guide. Afterwards take some time to journal about your soul quest. I’ll be available throughout the weekend to chat about any epiphanies, symbology, messages or anything you’d like to unpack together from the experience.

6pm   Dinner

7pm   Alchemy Legend Writing ~ Shelley - Using the written word to uncover some of our fears that have been a catalyst for transformation into our greatest gifts. Shedding light on how powerful we are as creators, how much we have already achieved and have to share with our whole world.


Schedule for Saturday

6:30am Sunrise Dance ~ Kylie, Awaken the senses early, with a fun, uplifting easy to follow dance class. Focus on honouring the body, releasing fixations & letting go.

2 left feet welcome!


8:30am  Breathing, Moving, Feeling Session ~ Sharon - A grounding and energising session with mindful breathing, movement, vibration and sounding to help release tension and support openness and flow in the body, allowing us to experience a deeper awareness of our sensations and emotions.

9:30am  Chakra Healing Art Workshop ~ Amanda During this workshop we will tone the vibrational frequencies of each chakra with an Indian Shakti Box and our voices (this bit is optional). As we step through each chakra, we will cleanse, open, heal and seal them through the vibration of sound. This is even more powerful when undertaken with our own vocal expression. I’ll bring along water colour paints, acrylics, pencils, paintbrushes for you to add colour, feelings, images, words (or any form of expression) to your journal as we move through each chakra.


Morning Tea

11:11am Zen Thai Shiatsu Guided Flow Workshop ~ Kylie, 

Offer your heart up in a giving and receiving session of Zen Thai shiatsu guided flow.

We explore the edges, allow a letting go and listen to a deeper rhythm together.

Safe & beneficial for pregnancy, all injuries, ailments & pains.

noon  Lunch  selection of our own love filled homemade dishes (best restaurant in town)

12: 45pm Zen  Thai Shiatsu Guided Flow Workshop ~ Kylie

1:30pm  Opening Doors to Your New Self and Labyrinth Walk ~ Tan 

3:30pm afternoon tea

4pm Crystal Healing Workshop ~ Amanda Bring along: Any of your own crystals that you strongly resonate with who you’d like to have present for the session. In this crystal healing workshop, we will build on the earlier session of chakra art healing. We will be focusing on anchoring, grounding, bursting forth joy, setting boundaries, heart healing, clarity in communication, building confidence in our intuition and dissolving the illusion of separation.

Crystals will be provided for you to soak in the light rays of purity as we take some Earth Sky breaths together into our hearts and share our love with each other.

5pm Chanting Journey ~ Claire

6pm Dinner

7pm Sound Healing ~ Amanda

8pm Taking us to sleepy time ~ Nita


Schedule for Sunday

7:00am Morning Yoga ~ Jo

8:00am Breakfast of champions 

9:00am Begin with individual practitioners and or spend your day at leisure, by pool, making your own dream catchers, Oracle Card Readings, walking, etc…  soak in the feeling of being absolutely blessed and privileged to be able to enjoy private pristine beaches, infinity pools, quietness, and the surrounds of our eco estate to relish in between indulging in private healing treatments.

12:00pm Casual lunch

4:00pm Closing circle ceremony  ~ An opportunity to reflect upon and speak to our experience of the weekend, look at what we are stepping into in our life, our vision, our intention and seal our connection with one another. How do we feel Renewed?  How have we come home to ourselves a little more? 

5:00pm End of retreat

Delicious Lunch and Laughs
Delicious Lunch and Laughs

beautiful women enjoying a delicious vegetarian meal 2018 retreat

Women's Circle with Nita
Women's Circle with Nita

Yoga with Jo
Yoga with Jo

beautiful morning yoga with Jo retreat 2020

Delicious Lunch and Laughs
Delicious Lunch and Laughs

beautiful women enjoying a delicious vegetarian meal 2018 retreat



Such rewarding and incredible experiences were encompassed in an awe inspiring weekend.

The retreat was truly transformational for me. Such a beautiful setting and a nurturing atmosphere. I felt totally safe, welcomed as I was. I was able to discover and experience a different side of me. I felt a deep connection with all of the women and related to their stories.

Shelley I cant express how grateful I am that you facilitate such amazing retreats. You were the perfect guide. So kind, caring, relatable and aware of everything and everyone. I could go on and on about how incredible this weekend is! I left the retreat feeling energised, empowered, uplifted, revived, connected, inspired….. and really, really grateful.  

Sarah Tibble 30/12/2020

A weekend away from everyday life to focus on nothing but you in the beautiful, tranquil Agnes Water. Listening, learning, feeling, laughing and seeing what is on offer from the retreat. Taking what's needed for you at the time & having the space to go through your processes feeling supported with no judgement. Treat yourself - you deserve it x.

Tanya Puglisi 24/01/2021

More than a year has passed since the magical weekend spent in the hills on retreat with these amazing women. Of course, as my very first retreat, I was a tad apprehensive about what the event would entail, but my worries were soon quietened. I felt welcomed and cared for, and almost immediately knew that I was safe in being myself, and that what I had to offer was valued.  The experience allowed me to put a pause on the outside world, and that time spent inward, contemplating, has continued to enhance the way I live my life now even though much time has passed. I learnt about the importance of really looking after myself as a mum, and that taking the time to have regular reflection and meditation - while feeling indulgent - is actually a necessity. In order for me to stop the hustle of life, rushing my children and myself from here to there without even really breathing, I have to take time to set my intentions of how I want to live this life in order to truly live my life. The women who run these retreats intuitively understand how to nurture bodies and souls. They walk their talk, they share the tools they use and they foster connections with everyone there. They give space, share their gifts and spread their love to ensure that the experience we have on their retreat continues to grow long after you leave. 

Leigh Tankey 1/2/21