As Above, So Below.

Updated: May 19

Just as people speak to each other, so do the planets, whether through a particle or a wave, they are just as consistently connecting with each other as they are with out bodies. As above, so below.

As within, so without.

Photo credit: Aurora Heartsong These well known words from Hermes Trismegistus may be little understood. When we open a discourse with our solar system we open ourselves to a greater understanding of the intricate and complicated web we dance upon, and we ultimately discern.... we really are all connected. Jupiter conversing with the Sun is a mumble of vibrations that we are constantly, if inadvertently, eavesdropping on. Their whispers give us guidance and a symphony of synchrony on paths to take, patterns to break, worlds to shake and we are left more than we might have been. More powerful, more knowledgeable, more loving and more compassionate Celestial threads connect each to the other, through and around us, binding and freeing, blinding and seeing. Occurrences in the heavens, are occurrences on the earth.

As above, so below. Scenes within our minds, are scenes seen without. Our weekend together commences with the Centaur body, Chiron, in the apex of the sky, an advantageous position....dear Chiron rules the synchronicity principles, the art of divination and is the Key to Mastery of the Self through initiations of wounding, healing and magik.

Chiron brings an invitation to be fully immersed in whichever surroundings we find ourselves, an invitation to play kairomancy, receiving blessings and being open for the nourishment to come. Venus and Mars are boarding an Aquarian themed hot air balloon and preparing to bond throughout the weekend, whispering sweet sounds to each other. The Venus conversation is Sweet strong Mars responds with “this is what I love” “this is how I move towards what I love”. The two have been moving with the energy of Capricorn, which is our focused dedication, our physical containers, along with big bellied, earthy grandmothers who smell intoxicatingly like warm winter lentil stew, sharing mythologies over their cauldrons. Now they spread their wings, hold pinkies and soar with laughter and kombucca through a cloud filled sky. The essence of Aquarius is community based while remaining detached enough for love to exist in a complicated, messy space while inventing new and open ways of merging as one. Will we allow our inner love to be moved by our inner drive towards what we love? Will we allow ourselves to fully merge with our own selves so we are more open to fully merge with another. As within, so without. On Saturday morning, let the bells of sweet Agnes ring, as one of the most amazing astrological connections of the year perfects and blossoms throughout the weekend. Our sun, in his full expression of emotional and watery Piscean love, catches up with Jupiter for a two day camp out. These brothers walking as one may bring a cozy drizzle or a portal to big philosophical insights. Together, they climb slowly into the sky just two hours after Venus and Mars dance like synchronised swimmers through the pre dawn darkness. Sunrise on Saturday morning will be a great opportunity to bless the beach nearby with your presence as you dream big big big. What is your hearts greatest, most burning desire? Run your fingers through the sand and make a request.... “Hey Jupe, this is what I want, can you show me the way to go for it?” A very auspicious day for thinking about and planning major life changes or transitions. Stay mindful of any new ideas and insights that may arise throughout the weekend, they are your signposts forward. A fascinating way to mark today would be to find your North and South Nodes of Destiny in your astrological chart and really step in to that North Node. From now till May we have all planets in direct motion and we are basically free range chickens, totally unblocked from any energies which may come calling to halt our flow. This is such a rarity to have all the main planetary bodies moving forward.... it feels like they got together and decided to give us a break for a few let us move towards our true destiny without constantly needing to stop to integrate the latest bloody lesson.

This is a ‘Make a Wish, Make it Huge and Make it Happen Now’ kind of week. Sunday closes with a beautiful relationship between Mercury - the messenger and Eris - the Goddess of Discord. She’s been given a bad rap in Astrology and mythology. Those with a prominent Eris in their charts take great strides in their evolution when they consciously work with her. The secret is to bring love and magik into each moment. Just be in each moment and when you need to unleash the beast of chaos, her full power is available to you.

This could be the most synchronous of all the weekend aspects. A fast moving and supportive interaction, these two in conversation are bringing the invitation to the closing circle of the Nourish Retreat to ask

“How? How can I bring love into each moment? How have I brought love to myself through the dance of Mars and Venus, through the insights of the Sun and Jupiter” Look for her gift as you process the weekend, for she may not give you the answer easily. The sesame seed is one of the smallest seeds known. Yet the aroma of sesame oil can be smelled so mouthwateringly far away. Opening a small sesame seed may feel impossible to do physically, because we can barely see them, however, if we put that seed in the ground, our Capricorn Earth does the rest. So this week, this weekend... Plant a seed and let the intention be to.... OPEN SESAME.

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