Be Water My Friend

"Be water my friend"

Bruce Lee

This quote tells us so much about Bruce Lees philosophy, not only in the martial arts but life too.

We can tap into the strength and flow of water. We are 70% water, our bodies, our cells, the earth, the atmosphere are all predominantly water.

This dynamic element flows as liquid, freezes as hard as stone, can form massive waves or sit in stillness, it can burn you or soothe you, it evaporates and steams when hot.

Water is affected by our energy, frequencies.

So what does that tell us about ourselves?

What happens when we are frozen with fear? Or rigid like an iceberg?

Or when we get hot headed & need to let off steam?

Nature (that's us) aims to rebalance.

When we flow like a river, so to does our life, our experiences.

When we can cultivate the stillness of a pond, or vastness of an ocean... we too can become like water, in whatever form is called for in a particular situation.

Water invites us to dive into our dark depths or float on the glorious light of the surface.

So, through this lens of the water element we can view our yoga practice, self care & nurturing of others.

Through the teachings of 5 element theory, we can see how water balances fire, nourishes wood, is held by metal and mothered by earth.

This may be a new concept to take in, but we can look to nature as a guide and of course, we can look to the deep fathoms within, sensing, really listening to what resides under the surface.

This is how we will be diving into our Zen Thai Playshop at the upcoming retreat.

I invite you too, to be water my friend.

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