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Conversations of Being Enough

Updated: Jan 23

I think we could ALL resonate with this topic of being enough, feeling enough, feeling like we have - or are - achieving something, that we are something, something that is good, special and unique.

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These feelings of whether we feel enough can shape our whole lives. It can shape how we interact in our relationships, with friends and partners. Sometimes the feeling can be so deeply ingrained in us that it shapes how we respond and react to life.

In this short video, Tara Brach asks the question “If you could get to the point where you feel ‘enough’, that this feels ‘enough’, what would you be like, and what would have to have happened?”

The question, ‘what does it feel like to be enough?’ is such a great one to ponder on, and the response is so true. When are those times where you have felt enough? What did it look like? What was the feeling inside? Did the outside world matter? Where did the feeling come from?

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