Have you Really Listened to Your Fears? 😱

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Lately I have been working with fear, looking at fear, feeling fear, seeing it play out in the world, seeing fears in others. Seeing where fears are holding others back and most importantly seeing where they have been holding me back.

I have been so fortunate to discover and have the opportunity to study Alchemy and magik with one of the most powerful creators I have been blessed to know over the past 3 years (Skarlet Lu Realta).

One of the fundamental elements we work with in alchemy is fear. We look at fear from a different perspective than I had applied before in my life. It was like taking a massive exhale of relief and a feeling of remembering when the awareness sunk in of the importance of having fear, not focussed on safety from danger, but how powerful and necessary fear is for creation and growth.

We as a society like to avoid fear and we have been using all sorts of comforts to distract ourselves from it. But we are missing out.

When the epiphany landed with me about fear being the same energy as excitement but the difference was the story we were telling it, it was a light bulb moment. I realised that fears were coming up when I was really excited but afraid at the same time and that with a shift of perspective I could channel and direct the energy of excitement towards what I actually wanted to create.

That’s when things started to change for me. That’s when the scales began to tip when ever I felt fear and could recognise there was a whole heap of excitement in there too. It made me feel more powerful and it expanded the excitement massively and took some of the charge out being consumed by fear. Suddenly there was a little distance or separation between me and my fear and it gave me more strength to navigate the situation, I was less reactive and consumed by what what was once an overwhelming emotion.

Feeling fear also made me appreciate when challenges arose because it was now showing me what I really cared about in a different light

The story changed. The game changed. The results changed.

I’m not saying I don’t get afraid, like really shitting myself, I’m not saying some things aren’t truly terrifying and absolutely not wanted. What I am saying is I started noticing patterns of fears coming up and what was driving them and I started questioning why? What am I fearful of? Why that? What do I want to achieve, and do I want to continue this way?

What is the story I’m telling myself?

Then I would begin to ponder.. What is my next move from here.

What changes can I make and how can I make them. Obviously I care deeply about this for a reason let me get to know this better. Let me feel this.

Let me accept this.

I get doubt everyday

I welcome the doubt

It gives me a opening to question deeper

If I struggle against it the ropes tighten around it.

Make friends with your doubts and fears and thank them for allowing to take the adventure on. Find the stillness in the storm and allow the feelings to come. It’s a message, how can this message become something useful, question, how is this an opportunity? Start to communicate with them in a different way. It’s a process. Question, where did this uninvited feeling come from.

I have found fear to be very powerful for my growth towards creating the world of my dreams. Everyday I have a bit more to be grateful for and my world feels a bit more radiant and magikal.

Have you questioned your fears lately?

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