Exploring Extremes

Let it all go

The identity

The relationships

The need

The hope

The wants the attachments

Let it all go and when it’s gone, breathe into that empty space.. just be..

The space of nothingness is a vortex, it is a ‘holding place,’ it is a retention of sorts which devours time. There is nothing it requires.

Because in the past I have been out of control and have humiliated myself exploring extremes as a teenager and young woman, I appear to have subconsciously parked myself safely in the middle so that I do not make the same mistakes. So that I forcibly appear composed.

But my soul is contained in this tiny space and all expressions are retained for safety’s sake. The middle is where I don’t swing out of control, it’s where I’m guaranteed to feel accepted and appease the demon within which threatens the possibility of rejection.

I did not know you could experience the absolute extremes of life and still be in control- or rather, fully conscious. Knowing this is a game changer.

To think that as humans we could experience absolute agony AND ecstasy,

That we could feel fear AND elation- all this in one life without losing control and causing humiliation or shame. This realisation is such a gift.

Perhaps this is why I breathe shallow, because a full breath in means to, “let it all in” and a full breath out means to “let it all go.” Again two polarities, two extremes reminding us that living in a “middle-world” in a world full of extremes is a slow death for the soul

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