Feminine Wisdom Keepers

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Astrological forecast 22 - 25 October.

The major themes of this year have been the intense Saturn and Uranus Square (old vs new). Old patriarchal ways are in the death throes as Saturn (old) works to level us up and step into the vibration of Feminine Wisdom Keepers.

As we go through this composting process, Sacred Rage is rising within the wombs of the Feminine, at times, blocking our creativity and ability to connect with other.

Sitting in our triggers and really feeling the depth of the rage, the ugly feelings, the uncomfortable feelings helps us to understand what we need to let go of on a deeper level. Time is up, there is no more space to keep working on letting go, we need to understand right now how to let go. The more we sit in our triggered space, the faster it dissolves and this brings so much energy home to us, through doing new things (Uranus) to move through these spaces.

As the Retreat weekend commences on the 22nd, the Sun, who guides us to shine in the world, will be in the last degrees of Libra, asking very loudly “how have you been shining in relationship? Have you given up abandoning yourself to be a good partner? For when we stay in a sovereign state, we are in charge of our energy and a whole woman is more powerful than an army of men. Dreamy Neptune will be rising across the Agnes East Coast, infusing the weekend with a dreamy, spiritual theme.

Mrs Moonie Pants will be solidly in the midst of grounding, sensual and beauty loving Taurus. This is her favourite place to be in the Zodiac wheel and it’s an amazing weekend to take advantage of all the wonderful, emotionally connective gifts she brings.

A location known as Destiny’s Gate will be in nurturing Cancer and gives a good indication of how well loved everyone will be feeling.

Jupiter is just starting to move forward again after 5 months of retrograde and along with Saturn and Pluto, also now in direct motion, will be in Agnes Waters 11th house of friends, group consciousness and connection, infusing everyone with a deep bond of connection.

Venus, who Shelley totally embodies, will be in the midheaven, which is so perfect, whenever Shelley chooses a weekend, Venus is always in a perfect spot and shows how in alignment Shelley is with her true path as a Venusian Goddess and bringer of self-worth to others.

The sun will shift into deeply transformative Scorpio on Saturday afternoon at about 3ish, Still waters will run deep, we initiate ourselves into a well of connection through sharing resources and exploring what is deeply passionate and alive within us.

On the last day of the retreat, a shift of the moon into Gemini will inspire all participants to open heartedly share their transformations, helping to ground in all of the high frequencies from the weekend.

Aurora Heartsong.

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