Gardening Your Mind

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In the quiet moments I ponder how exactly I want my life to look.

How do I want to feel. How do I want to design my life. Sometimes it all starts with a feeling of gratitude for what I have, for how far I have come, for what I have learnt, who I have met.

Other times my pondering starts from a feeling of un~ease or dis~ease with my emotions or my body giving me signs to tune in and listen to what is going on.

Then I look for the weeds. Should I say they present themselves. If I’m observant enough I see them, the more often I tune in the more chance I have to catch them before they really take root.

I also love to garden so my external world is a conscience mirror of my internal world.

In my garden I see things thriving my garden and life is thriving and I have loads to be grateful for. Sometimes I see where some pests have moved in. Usually that is on a plant that missed being watered, fed or didn’t receive enough light which created a little bit of stress for them. They are the more vulnerable plants for the pests to attack.

Sometimes I see when I bring things externally onto the property for the garden like mulch they can bring growth and maybe also some spiky nasty weeds. Sometimes I can relate that to relationships or exchanges I have made with people.

I find growth in reflecting how these things could be playing out in other ways in my life.

Life is full of signs and it is totally up to your own interpretation.

I love the analogy that came to mind for me - it’s always easier to weed after a storm.

In my external garden environment I love storms it brings all of my senses so much joy to watch and feel a storm roll through. I know how much the garden will thrive from it and the freshness in the air it brings.

So much growth comes after a storm, all the elements are called into play and converge to create new life.

I am learning to like my internal storms more now, recognising the importance to shake things up. I think I am becoming more a witness to the growth that’s unfolding and less hanging on for dear life when my emotions get shaken up.

Fear comes to mind when I think of internal storms. The fears that are as necessary as dark is to light, fear is to love.

To ease my mind around the idea good and bad, right and wrong to bring in more compassion, understanding and mostly self love. Challenging myself to work with my fears are bringing me home to love myself more deeply.

I find benefit in putting time into identifying what is a weed in my mind and removing it or transmuting it into something more beneficial to my internal landscape. This kind of self inquiry and looking at my fears through different perspectives has seen my life change so much over the years.

Women’s retreats are like gardening your mind, they give you an opportunity to quieten your thoughts and create space to appreciate what is thriving and where there are weeds ready to be removed or transformed into something more beneficial for your internal environment. They allow space and reflection for new perspectives to take hold.

Retreats dig things up, plant seeds, fertilise /refuel you, inspire growth and weed out things that don’t serve you to produce the thriving inner ecosystem you desire.

Not only do you really feel like you have made amazing progress with gently nurturing yourself there is that other magical thing that happens.

Your external environment can’t help but mirror your new inner state of being.

You are changed.

That inner change emanates out of you and the world that shows up for you.

The inner work you have done changes you.

We are reminded how powerful we all are.

Even if it feels like just a small shift, that small shift has altered the direction your life is going.

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