How to be Abundant!

As I sat by a beautiful peaceful billabong here in Queensland where I live, a stream of consciousness started to flow through me. As you may know, most of my messages do not come from me, but come through me, and when I feel these energies of wisdom flooding my system, I know it is universal wisdom that I need to share. So here is my latest download which I hope you will find helpful...

We have everything that we could possibly need. It’s all waiting for us to align ourselves with. If we think we are lacking in someway, or we believe we are helpless and unworthy, then we align ourselves with that. And we will never experience abundance. Once we align our thoughts and actions of someone who is abundant, it will magically show up in our lives.

Stop the struggle and the fighting to achieve, instead stop, open yourself up and allow the flow of the present moment, where everything is possible. If you have expectations and want things to go a certain way, you will struggle, and you will set yourself up for failure and of disappointment, because by wanting things to be different to what they are now, you are focussing on what is lacking in your life. So your focus on lack will attract more lack back to you.

Instead learn to trust. Trust is the key. Trust that all your needs are met. Trust you are always at the right place at the right time. Trust that all you ever wished for is already here, waiting for you to align yourself with and step into.

Once you are in a state of presence, of gratitude, of feeling the power of the moment, you align yourself with universal presence, where there is no Lack. Take a look at nature, your greatest teacher of the universal laws. Nature is abundant. There is never lack. Just look up at the sky at night and you will see our universe is teeming with life. Trillions of eggs from countless species in every moment are produced to birth the new. Billions of seeds from plants endlessly spawn to create more life, the world is packed full with so many different varieties of species that got here, not through lack, or fear that something wasn’t quite right, they got here because they trusted the universal intelligence operating inside of them. There is ample supply of everything for everyone, in fact we haven’t even seen the extent of abundance that can possibly be available to us, because as a collective consciousness, we have not yet aligned ourselves with it.

Nature works in cooperation with everything else, giving and receiving, which is a fundamental law which keeps life in harmony. We, as modern man, have separated ourselves from this, therefore we are experiencing its consequences.

Poverty and suffering does not need to be part of the human condition. Humanity has created poverty and suffering through our faulty belief system of lack, and because it is real in our experience, we believe it to be true, so we keep creating the same cycle of poverty and suffering. But the truth is, if everyone on the planet aligned themselves with the abundance that this world has to offer, poverty will disappear, disease will disappear, fear and hatred will disappear, because the knowledge that there is plenty enough for everyone, there would be no need to fight, to take possessions, to horde, to dispute.

The floods, fires, viruses and natural disasters that are evident on our planet right now are all as a result of our lack of balance as humanity. The imbalance of the natural world on our planet is a mirror of our own personal and collective imbalance as humanity. Because we have not taken our lead from nature, and its natural laws, nature is now taking its lead from us. We have not cooperated with nature, we have defied nature, so we are now witnessing how our faulty beliefs has created an imbalance to the planet.

A shift is taking place and humanity is slowly waking up and evolving into a new way of believing and behaving. We are seeing how our old ways of thinking and believing are not in alignment with the natural laws. At some point in our future we will wonder why on earth we ever believed such damaging, destructive belief systems. We will eventually come back into alignment and balance with the laws that govern this earth. And we walk once again in harmony, peace and balance. But before that can be possible, we will experience much disharmony and destruction. The pendulum is swinging from one side to the other bringing much chaos, but trust this is all part of the course back to harmony, balance and abundance.

So my message to you this month is to be aware of your part in bringing the planet back to prosperity by being present to the abundance in your own life.

Let every cell in your body open up to receive all that is available to you. Let your muscles relax, allow your breathing to deepen and feel yourself align with the frequency of abundance.

If you look at what's lacking in your life, you will align yourself with the vibration of lack, so this will be what you attract.

Instead look at all that is good in your life, all that you have, all you have achieved, all that you have created, because this will be your first step to creating your own personal abundance.

What you think and feel is just an external expression of what you believe to be true. So whenever you experience anger, regret, sadness, fear and any other emotion that takes you away from trust and love, the only responsibility you have in that moment, is to change your inner state from suffering back into alignment with love.

By the simple act of changing your thoughts from lack, fear and distrust, to ones of gratitude, co-operation and trust will change the filter in which you see things, transforming your perception of life into something truly magical.

Once you align yourself with the truth of who you are as a creative being, you will not only create abundance in your own life, but you will help to bring the whole planet back into harmony, cooperation and abundance.

This is your magic, so it's time to use it.

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