Living Sky Seasonal Insights.

Living Sky Seasonal Insights. This worksheet may be used as a journal prompt to help plan out your year or to help understand why you feel AWESOME at some times of the year and not so awesome at others. It comes together like a formula...cos - meep morp - I love formulas. :)

1) Find the Zodiac sign your sun is in: Known sometimes as Star Sign.

2) Determine which mode your sun is in. (Explained below)

3) Identify which element your sun is in. (Explained below)

Step One is moderately easy but please reach out if you need help. Do you know your sun sign? Step Two is a nice challenge: There are three modes. The modes either initiate a season, are the middle of a season or are an ending of a season: Initiate = Cardinal, Middle = Fixed, Ending = Mutable Example: Capricorn initiates the season of Southern Hemisphere (S.H) Summer, Aquarius is the middle of summer and Pisces is the ending of summer. Therefore: Capricorn = Cardinal Aquarius = Fixed Pisces = Mutable Example 2: Aries initiates the season of Autumn in the S.H, Taurus is the middle of Autumn and Gemini is the end of Autumn. Therefore: Aries = Cardinal Taurus = Fixed Gemini = Mutable Example 3: Cancer initiates the season of Winter in S.H, Leo is the middle of winter and Virgo is the end of winter. Therefore: Cancer = Cardinal Leo = Fixed Virgo = Mutable Example 4: Libra initiates Spring in S.H, Scorpio is the middle of spring and Sag is the ending of spring. Therefore Libra = Cardinal, Scorpio = Fixed Sag = Mutable.

Step Three is to identify the element. There are four elements in the zodiac. Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These are each applied to the mode to give a bigger picture. Example: Summer season - Capricorn = Earth, Aquarius = Air and Pisces = Water.

Therefore: Capricorn is Cardinal Earth (Initiates Summer) Aquarius is Fixed Air (Summer Endures) Pisces in Mutable Water (Summer ends) Example: Autumn Season - Aries = Fire, Taurus = Earth, Gemini = Air Therefore: Aries is Cardinal Fire (Initiates Autumn) Taurus is Fixed Earth (Autumn Endures) Gemini is Mutable Air (Autumn ends) Example: Winter Season - Cancer = water, Leo = fire and Virgo = earth Therefore: Cancer is Cardinal Water (Initiates Winter) Leo is Fixed Fire (Winter endures) Virgo is mutable Earth (winter ends) Example: Spring Season - Libra = Air, Scorpio = water, Sag = fire Therefore: Libra is Cardinal Air (Spring initiates) Scorpio is Fixed Water (Spring endures) Sag is mutable fire (Spring ends) Another way to look at case that was too confusing... is: Earth Signs: Capricorn = Cardinal Earth (Initiates Summer) Taurus = Fixed Earth (Middle of Autumn) Virgo = Mutable Earth (End of Winter) Fire Signs: Aries = Cardinal Fire (Initiates Autumn) Leo = Fixed fire (Middle of winter) Sag = Mutable fire (End of Spring) Water Signs: Cancer = Cardinal water (initiates Winter) Scorpio = Fixed Water (Middle of Spring) Pisces = Mutable Water (End of Summer) Air Signs: Libra = Cardinal Air (Initiates Spring) Aquarius = Fixed Air (Middle of Summer) Gemini = Mutable Air (End of Autumn. Another way to look at this is:

The next step in identifying awesome seasons for you is to look at which season you were born in:

Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. This season is when you can harness the magic of the solar energy in the living sky as the Sun moves past your own sun.

APPROACH: The season before your season is when the Sun is on approach to your birthday. Example: If you are a Sag, you are a mutable fire sign and you were born in the astrological season of Spring. Therefore the season of approach is Winter. If you are an Aquarius, you are a fixed air sign and were born in the astrological season of Summer. Therefore your season of approach is Spring. If you are a Taurus, you are a fixed earth sign and were born in the astrological season of Autumn. Therefore your season of approach is Summer. If you are a Cancer, you are a Cardinal Water sign and were born in the astrological season of Winter. Therefore your season of approach is Autumn. The Season of approach is a great time to clear out any deadwood, and plant seeds for new projects as the sun increases in strength on approach to your sun. Invest energy in things that feel as though they are budding and going somewhere. It’s a great time to meet and greet new friends as you build towards your goal. It’s a building and preparation phase.

IN SEASON: The sun in your own zodiac sign is your peak time of year, there may be a feeling of strength and flirtiness or solidness, connection or inspiration. Do the things that matter the most to you at this time of year because the sun is coming to meet up with your natal (birth) sun and so many glorious feelings and occasions are available for you now if you have prepared (or just naturally feel good.)

DEPARTING: The season after your Sun season is a time for closing deals, ending accounts, finishing up the projects and starting to debrief with the self and others if applicable. It’s a great time to sit and understand if the peak time of year for growing your personal idea/spiritual or project crops was a feast of abundance or a time of famine. Look now at where things worked and how they my improve for the next time you are in peak season. What crops are you wanting to continue on with because they just grew so well, repelled pests and bloomed? What needs to be composted? They can always be re-seeded in 6 months.

OUT OF SEASON: This is a time of year when you just might want to shut the hell down and make everyone go away. You may turn inwards and be around only the people who nourish you or be totally alone. You may start to feel unheard, overwhelmed, unappreciated or bossed around by the world or societal demands and become resentful...That’s cool dude, take the lessons and retreat if needed. Be your own version of your authentic self. Your solar energy may now be at an all time low or just feels like it’s unreachable or on the other side of a foggy cloud of shit you don’t want to do. You may feel cold and dark and lost. This is not a great time for big decisions or lasting commitments.


The elements may seem small however they can really give an idea on how someone may move around in the world or which element of the year may help you if you are not in your peak season. FIRE: ARIES, LEO, SAG AIR: GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS EARTH: TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN WATER: CANCER. SCORPIO, PISCES. There is also a complementary element that when your sun is in them, you get along okay. Water and earth are friends / fire and air are friends

As the sun moves throughout the year you may like to time or plan ahead. Grab a copy of your natal chart ( Have a look at where your individual planets are. When the living sky sun is travelling through the zodiac sign which hosts each planet/luminary, this is a guide on events to look out for, intuitively follow, or plan for. When the sun travels through the sign hosting your: Moon, it is an ideal time to conceive new ideas, children, projects. Mercury, it is an ideal time for buying and selling, all kinds of commerce and chatting. Venus, it is a time for love or to journey inwards for self-value work. Mars, it is time to take action or go into battle. Jupiter, it is an ideal time for luck, abundance and philosophical discussions. Saturn, you may have many challenging tests or boundary work, completion of a building phase or a feeling of solidness. Uranus, is a time for screaming breakdowns or screaming breakthroughs....This is why I disappear mid November each year. Neptune, is a time for creative imagination, inspiration or you may be deluded or confused and foggy. Pluto, is a time that ordeals or deeply transformational work comes to the surface. Chiron, is a time when woundings may surface to be relived again....again...again..sigh. Ceres, is a time for nurture of the self or those you love Vesta, is a time to honour the sacred flame within and without. Juno is a time to honour commitments and faithfulness. Eris, is a time for Chaos and discord. You may not want to plan it, but it helps to know what the heck fire is happening in the lead up to this sun and dwarf planet conjunction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to connect: This is a compilation of self-studying my own patterns for a number of years and is backed up by a book by Astrological Historian Christopher Renstrom called - The Cosmic Calendar. Anne Ortlee, April Elliot Kent and Rick Levine are massive influences. Chris Brennan who wrote Hellenistic Astrology and hosts the Astrology Podcast is also a major influence.

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