Nurturing our Emotional Cauldrons with Astrology

When I discovered Shelley had chosen this particular weekend for this gathering of women in retreat, I was once again pretty astounded at her amazing ability to intuitively select perfect astrological alignments.

First glance at the birth chart for the weekend revealed a co-creative, self-supporting and collaborative group synergy which will help open our hearts and emotions. This will bring deep auric energy cleansing individually and for the collective awareness, more closely aligning our resonance with the earth and harmony with each other.

All of the personal planets and luminaries - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars - will be above the horizon, allowing all we wish to share, easily surface as we come together in community. When we include the asteroids, there will be 15 points of water signs (emotions, nurturing) being activated during the weekend.

The chart as a whole shows invitations for playful, creative, and collaborative energy with the Sun in Pisces (shining through spiritual creation), Moon in Pisces (feeling into spiritual creation) and Ascendant of Leo (play, drama, creative self -expression).

The sun is watery in Pisces and you may have felt a shift from mind-filled, constant need to move, think and communicate (Sun in Aquarius) to feeling everything you've ever thought you could possibly feel. This shift would have been noticeable from about 19th Feb when the Sun made his ingress into Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. The sun takes approximately 28-31 days to move through an entire zodiac sign.

The moon shifts through an entire zodiac sign in about 2 days and at the start of our weekend together, she will be in a waning balsamic phase of darkness, inviting us to explore the grooves in our cauldrons which we may normally be too outwardly focused to search through.

Mercury (Hermes - God of Communication) will be in Aquarius, helping us to shine as a group through our open and easy communication, taking our opening circle to deeper levels of collaborative outwards processing.

The goddess of love, beauty, and self-worth, Venus (Aphrodite - Goddess of Beauty) is midway through the sign of Pisces, where she is known to be ‘exalted’. Venus excels while in the dreamy sign of the fish and can help us tap deeply into our intuitive and creative gifts while holding a space for us to create an even deeper sense of value and self-worth.

Action-orientated Mars (Ares - God of War) will be in the chatty communicative sign of Gemini. Mars in Gemini is constantly thirsting for new information, gossip and news. Therefore, this weekend is the perfect time to be offline and away from the constant bombardment of societal information overload. Allowing our brains to take in natural, organic information which can help our souls growth while being nurtured.

Our largest solar system planet, Jupiter (Zeus - God of Sky/Thunder/Gods) is charging head first through Aquarius, expanding our connections to each other in a group dynamic, helping us form bonds of friendship that will last for many moons.

Side note: In Starry Telling: All of Jupiter’s Moons are said to be his girlfriends. Zeus's wife in mythology is Hera (Juno). NASA recently sent a probe called Juno to Jupiter to check for life on the surrounding moons. So, basically, Zeus’s wife - Juno - is being sent to check on his surrounding girlfriends for signs of life.

Our planet of boundaries, foundation and restrictions, Saturn (Kronus - God of Time) is still in the early degrees of Aquarius, helping us define how we want to structure ourselves and our society within a group setting.

Captain Chaos and the planet of the unexpected, Uranus (Oranus - God of the Sky), is sitting in early degrees of Taurus, the sign of security and our material possessions. He has been there since May 2018 and in this time he may have encouraged you to move physical location and even the type of home you're used to, change jobs/job location, or see material goods in a completely new way.

His square to Saturn on the 17th of Feb is still ringing around the universe, bringing uncertainty and radical change. The best way to work with this energy is to be a seed of surrender. When you feel yourself being pulled into power dynamics of control or controlling others, see yourself in a space of safety as a seed and allow whatever will grow from you to grow. Allow. Escape cages of self-imposed restrictions and just surrender in each moment. Stay present to who you are in this moment, eliminating all versions of yourself that have come before. Detach from the external world and come home to the inwards retreat.

Neptune (Posieden - God of the Sea) is bringing a beautiful light. He will have been walking with the Sun for a few days and this combination will bring us a most beautiful, spiritual, and creative energy to the whole weekend. In Pisces, Neptune is in his home sign. He can be responsible for confusion and uncertainty in ourselves, but that unknowingness can lead us to our greatest creation when we give ourselves over to the hum of universe, the vibrational path that leads us to our greatest inner awareness.

Pluto (Hades - God of the Underworld) will be heading towards the last degrees of Capricorn. He has been in Capricorn for a very long time and has been a major player in our total and utter generational reset of 2020. During his conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter throughout last year, he took us through unprecedented transformations as individuals, in our relationships, as a society, and as a planet. Not many people were unaffected by the energy of last year and we can thank dear, deep-diving Pluto for our new world outlook.

There are many asteroids and dwarf planets that are also playing a role throughout our weekend.

Ceres - Goddess of the Grain - will be traversing through Aries, encouraging us to seed a new way of taking care of our physical body.

Pallas Athena - Goddess of Strategic Wisdom - will be at the first degree of Pisces. This will be an interesting shift, she loves to war in a logical, methodical way and may help us create better battles to fight for.

Juno - Goddess of Marriage - will be in freedom loving Sagittarius, giving us the ability to not feel guilty for taking time out to nurture ourselves for the weekend, acknowledging that we re indeed sovereign beings even while in a partnership.

Vesta - Goddess of Home and Hearth - will be in Virgo, she loves this placement as she gets a chance to bring spiritual rituals to her daily service.

Eris - Goddess of War - is still in Aries, encouraging us to fight for women as strong empowered women. No more competition and breaking each other down to feel better, she is calling on every person with a consciousness to fight for women to exist in a space and to build collaborative networks that are supportive - imagine a bridge made out of tree roots.

A New Moon

Saturday of the retreat brings about these same heavenly (planetary) energies and will be an amazing day for creating new stories due to the New Moon at 23 degrees of Pisces exact at 8.24 pm for Agnes Water.

The new moon each month occurs when the moon in a sign meets up with the sun in the same sign.

This new moon will take place in close proximity to Venus and Neptune, which creates a magical, otherworldly vibration to set intentions around our creativity, how we love, how we dream, how we take ourselves to the depths of our pain and work to hunt for our path towards the Sacred Plan we have co-conspired before birth to bring into action. This will be one of the most blessed new moons of the year due to the gentleness of all the aspects within the planetary bodies.

The Sun will be in a sextile to Pluto. The 'sextile' is an aspect said to represent planets having sex or getting along. The Sun is how we shine and Pluto is how we transform, when these two have this sexual sextile interaction, it is amazing self-transformational support that only happens twice a year between the Sun and Pluto

The Moon will be in a sextile with Captain Chaos - Uranus, this is a beautiful aspect that helps us understand unexpected feelings and emotions around our security and how we collect our material possessions.

A very big aspect and incredible support for the whole weekend is the Asteroid Chiron in a sextile to Saturn. Chiron is our deepest wound, it’s the path of pain we have come to earth to walk with, recognise and ultimately carry as part of our shadow in this life. There is no escaping our wounds. There is no “ok, I’m done with that wound I don’t need to think about it anymore”. There is only deeper awareness and we can’t spiritually bypass our deepest shadows and claim that we are completely free of pain. The most profound happening is to turn and face our shadows and ask them “how can I work with you at the level of awareness that I have now gained?”. How can we stand in the fire with our wound and ask it for more information so we can transcend this level of awareness and surf with a new level of ascension?

Chiron sits in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, he is our rainbow bridge from pain in self (Mars) to working with pain in generational society (Jupiter) to working with collective pain (Saturn). When we work to heal ourselves, our structures, our rules, and foundations, we are working on behalf of all life on earth - animals, humans, and any energy which is formed to create a conscious awareness.

This may be a weekend of marriage/partnership work. Juno - the asteroid goddess of marriage, will be square Neptune in Pisces. The 'square' aspect is an action-oriented, crisis of consciousness energy. Juno squaring Neptune will help us bring creative solutions around how we partner and possible problems in our partnerships in whatever form they take.

As you move from 'frazzled civilian' into 'smooth-haired and nurtured' in community, take some time to ask yourself some questions on how you collaborate.... How do you show up in your world? Do you take as much as you give in energy? How would it feel to do less of both? What will your intentions around creativity be? How will you work with your inner shadows to help empower you and the generations you directly affect?

This is certainly a weekend that will encourage feeling all of the feels and flowing with whatever arises.

Amanda xx

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