Opening the Alchemical Heart

When applied to our life journey, the Alchemical Process is a combination of physical and spiritual refinement through a total restructuring of the self and collaboration with the elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether.

This process can be applied to many things and below we'll go through how alchemy can be applied to really tough times we go through, as well as creating crystal essence for the upcoming retreat.

Maintaining a focused intention throughout the procedure of forming a spiritual essence plays a main role in the adventure. Holding pure thoughts and clean vibration are just as important as the elements within. Even the bottle colour was influenced by the weekend's dreamy Pisces Sun and Moon, along with a close Venus and Neptune alignment.


Seven Sacred steps are taken as we go on our alchemical adventure; Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation. These are also reflected in the chemical process of separating minerals from the earth.

Creating water essence is a similar journey to the process of life…an alchemical process with stages of breaking down and rebuilding, rejoining, and dissolving with the intention of creating a Space of Sacred.



Do you remember your first Dark Night of the Soul? That time where you couldn’t get out of bed for days on end for seemingly no reason... or when your heart was broken and parts of you felt scattered throughout the nooks and crannies of the universe.

After a few Dark Night’s (yeah, they happen as needed) we understand that this is the breaking down of the self and eventually (after many many dark nights), this stage will be cherished for the utter awesomeness it holds. This part of the process is where we are stripped bare, totally and utterly naked to the world, burning in the fire of destruction and looking back, the ways we nurtured ourselves during this time is the place we go back to for comfort when the world becomes scary again.

Calcination is a state of subtraction, where the element of fire burns away rigid and unmoving parts of us, undoing relationships we no longer need (although at the time we might cling tightly), placing us in a state of absolute nothingness. Our inner world is in crisis, we are totally conflicted with the external world…Welcome to the existential crisis.

The initial stages of the crystal essence and moon water creation came about during the time the moons face was the fullest and the bright fire of the sun reflected to bathe our lands in white satin.



How amazing does being immersed in the loving warm embrace of water feel after a long, impactful day? As we move through the Dark Night of the Soul, when everything is absolutely exhausting and we reach point zero function, we find ourselves intuitively making our way to a shower, bath or water course.

Water is a universal solvent and holds an informational vibration and intelligent conscious awareness. During the dissolution phase, the element of water removes impurities from the body and the soul as it starts to clear the way for us to put our energy in motion... to start to feel again. New inner awareness is available to us at this phase. Here we have a choice of wallowing in the murky depths of muddy, sticky water or wielding the power of water by allowing the debris of the life lessons to wash away while we process through the lessons within the dark night.

At this stage of moon water creation, the water was harvested from rainwater tanks and crystals immersed within along with Himalayan Rock Salt to cleanse and purge old programs from the crystal awareness.



Our attachment to who we are can be extremely ingrained. Holding tightly to our programs creates a deep internal struggle which creates an existential crisis with immensely painful self-awareness.

The Separation phase helps us to further detach from our externally influenced, artificial self and beliefs. When the winds of separation blow through there is chaos, confusion and the world seems heavy and too overwhelming for our senses to experience. Once the wind dies down and the element of air once again becomes a gentle skin caress, we emerge with the awareness of a field of newly planted seeds of enlightenment. How we cultivate and nurture them will determine our life’s path and here, we find stillness.

At this stage, the bottles of crystal essence were moved out to the Deepwater Buddha during a morning of fairly intense wind, adding the element of wind to the creation and further separating old programs from the crystals.



In astrology, the term conjunction is used when two or more planets align at the exact same degree on the chart wheel. While it sounds like an overwhelming word if it’s new to you (or maybe you’ve never really thought about it), it just means 'next to'. For example, the Sun and Moon have a conjunction every month at the New Moon, therefore at the new moon, the sun and moon are on the same side of the earth, both shining their light towards us from the same place.

After we’ve been through the ringer for a few hours/days/months/years (everyone’s journey is unique to themselves), we start to have blooms of information come from the seeds of potential enlightenment…new ways we can align ourselves to live our authentic truth. A powerful step in our journey is when our inner feminine (emotional/receptive intuitive wisdom) aligns with our inner masculine (logical/giving instinctual knowing).

Here we can harmonise our inner world in such a way that it shows on our faces, we glow with the awareness of balance. We have intuitions and then we take logically driven, but intuitively guided action. It’s such an incredible feeling to achieve this state of being. Living in pure synchronicity with the world, free of cages or societal expectations. This right here is when we are living from a level of great spiritual intelligence.

This is when we use the element of earth to create our world as we walk the path that appears under our feet.

The element of Earth is very important within any process, bringing physical life to spirit is the most important step for manifesting or giving form too. During this phase, the moon water bathed in a small fairy garden, known for magic and bringing spirit to life.



At this stage of our journey, we begin to understand that we are shedding old parts of ourselves that no longer fit..dresses of denial easily fall off now, leaves of identities are stripped away. We allow all of these old ways to compost in our bed of life lessons. Surrendering parts of our former identity fertilises and nourishes our soul.

In this part of creation, this grid has been set with the intention of pulling ideals out of the crystals, the water and eventually the human energy which aligns with each bottle.



Distillation occurs when steam or vapour arises from a cooked substance, becoming a more refined vapour.

At this stage of our life journey of ascension, we notice a battle of wills within. The determination, motivation and excitement which came from the previous phases are starting to be challenged by generations of DNA programming, old mindsets, patriarchal beliefs and we feel a tad afraid of being ‘different’ to everyone and everything that surrounds us. As our former identity starts to understand that 'it' - the ego - really is dying, it goes through the death throes and may bring us back into old ways of living and why not? It's comfortable there.

As always we have a choice to slide back into the comfortable life or stepping up and out of that vibration. Here we must truthfully sit and surrender, gently, yet open-heartedly meeting our shadow selves. This is where the real work begins. The deep inner truths that arise when we see the invitation from 'old world us', giving us the opportunity to step graciously away, with an eye on who we want to be and how we want to be seen in the world. It may feel scary, our soul is too important to stay safe.

At this stage of the process, the bottles were placed by a candle, to inspire fiery movement and motivation to be tapped into as needed. Life energy ebbs and flows and fire can provide wisdom on when to burn, when to smoulder and when to allow the collaboration with others be the guiding force.



This is the product of the Sacred Union, we have been through trials, defeats, new awareness, slipping into old consciousnesses, re-emerging, composting and finally…when we are truly authentic and live our lives for who we are in collaboration with others…finally we meet our I AM presence, our halves have merged into one whole, our outer world and persona matches our inner world of authenticity. We walk our true path with all of this new awareness.

Our Alchemical Heart has been awakened to the knowledge and knowingness that there is a fabric with weft and warp which weaves the hems of the universe together. Unconditional love, filled with compassion instead of judgment, collaboration where there was once competition, forgiveness where once there laid fear of other, wholeness without separation. Here we come to the profound understanding that we really are all the same thing in a different form and to hate ourselves is to hate another.

Opening our hearts and sitting deeply within the soul skin we walk with, is an immensely transformative time. We shed skin after skin and scrub layers of our old selves away with each new crisis. We'll fall, we'll rise. We'll smile and frown. We'll be challenged and have it easy.

Throughout the weekend, call on your spiritual support from within, go deep into the lessons and work with all you discover. After our retreat, wield the power of the moon water to help raise your vibration back to the nurturing, dreamy love of the retreat. Your inner strength is more powerful than anything the challenges of existential crisis can bowl your way.

This part of the process relies on the path you wish to take, you will be the best person to decide how you coagulate with your water and world.

With love,

Amanda xx

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