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The In Between Moments of Life

Updated: Feb 3

What I want to say is welcome, from the depths of my heart, however you have made it here and made it to this moment. However you have found us, in real life or in this virtual space.

Life is a funny little thing isn't it? I used to think of my timeline in footprints, over the earth, from a birds eye perspective. Like a map of every place my bare feet have touched the earth, every place those souls have hiked, wandered, waded and traipsed. Now, there would be so many map markings over the beaches of Agnes Water and the bush of Captain Creek. I imagine the footprints trailing into the tide lines then fading out as the ocean lifted me into its waters.

I moved here in my 20's... from Mullumbimby in Northern NSW. How times have changed, how much I grown and shrunk and lived and died in that time from then until now. Perspective is a beautiful thing. Perspective gives the grace of wisdom, of knowing and trust in life and all the mountains of emotions and the valleys and rivers of experiences born, lived and died.

I feel at home most in nature. I have always believed and experienced that the earth will almost always hold us. And I say 'always' because sometimes it wants to throw everything in its path. When you have lived in a little shack in the bush once upon a time, you will know what I mean. Or if you have lived on the ocean (which I haven't yet) you will know what I mean.

My dear friend and I have a saying, we actually think we should write a book. It's 3 pages long and it goes like this:

Life is Beautiful

And Shit

The End

But the story is all the stuff in between that leads us to these pivotal moments, our own story of life, our lessons, our experiences, our shit and our beauty. And this is my chapter now, the ever so sinking in lesson and practice of honoring it all. I love the young age of shaping and shifting and creation, making and remaking and I am learning to love this age of looking at it all, perhaps the stuff that stayed that I thought would go.

Oh and the friends along the way. The Women. Oh the Women, the wild and tamed, the bruised and shining ones, all of them. And it makes me think of this town and all the stolen moments of shared conversations in supermarket isles, carparks, the op shop or the beaches with women of all walks of life, just being - honest, raw and unapologetic. I love stolen moments and I came to realise that they came from me being apologetically me, honest, raw and real with whatever I am that moment, the shit or the beauty or the in between.

Let us open that vessel to be exactly as we are in the hope that the ones we encounter through our life gives them the permission to be that also.

With love,



I think my absolute fave stolen conversation ever occurred with a stranger. I was in commonwealth bank with my son opening his first bank account, the woman who served us took us both to a little desk over in the corner. Somehow we got talking about birth and at that desk we shared our stories... it was humorous, raw, uncut and as spontaneous as you can get. In that moment I felt such a strong ember grow within me, a mix of profoundness, awe, humour and deep deep knowing in humanity and willingness to let in this untainted connection. Humans can be amazing. WE were amazing in that moment.

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