We Journey Together

We journey together to find stillness and peace.

To step into being held without a thought of time, or structure. Just living into our feminine nature of flow and receptivity.

We find words and feelings buried so deep within,

that had been tucked away with the intention of making time to be with them later.

We strip back the busy-ness

We surrender into the present with intention

The emotions feel full and powerful, everything is allowed, they all want to be seen and heard.

It feels vulnerable and beautiful, it feels like

to much to share but suddenly there is no holding it back.

Woah we are all so similar at our core, everything shared feels like - me too!

I Feel you.

I see you.

You see me.

I am safe to be seen.

Things have shifted, there is more light around the little mundane things.

I see my children in more depth and in my partner.

I realised I allowed more of myself to be here,

to shine.

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