• Claire

What If

Updated: Mar 1

What if, I awoke and felt possibility.

What if I awoke and felt happy, free, space and time as if it were endless.

What if I felt the red earth again in my soul so deep and began to learn, explore, play and dance with life?

What if I could let go and trust. Let go with nothing and no expectation, to meet the depths of myself open armed once again. To not feel myself through others eyes, others questions or what story I tell to summarise a world gone.

What if, from today, I become. I become the space, the pause, the open arms, to become everything that I need? I become the depth, the silence, the passing worlds and stories told. I step back and watch life unfold.

What if I embody trust, let go of dreams, hope, a future, and turn my face to the sun or the stars or clouds or earth in amongst it all.

What if I become completely undone only to emerge complete with all that there is and that I am?

What if......

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