Win a Women's Retreat In Agnes Water - A Letter To All The Amazing Applicants

It is so hard to put into words all the things we want to say. That life can be colourful and so dark but in amongst it all - we all seem to yearn for the same thing….


Time out

Putting yourself first


Not feeling alone

And all these applications, these words honoring the ones you nominated and in some cases crying out for connection and a reset. Words on pages and life stories, of all the colours we endure. But out there are women and men, all walking with the stories they carry hoping that somewhere along the way something will catch to make the load lighter and easier, some recognition that they are not alone.

But what does it take to lighten the load? It’s being open and shit scared to share your vulnerability, to tell your story but also hold it, for the listener cannot carry everything for you.

Inside there is you. Sometimes so deep down it's so hidden you have forgotten. But under all the layers is the seed that is you, that ember in your heart, and deep in your soul. Now to touch it, or feel it, requires some contemplation….

What lights you up?

When do you feel free?

What is it in those moments that make you feel YOU?

If just one thing you can do today that is for you, what would that be?

Carve time out, feel it all. Reach deep down, be vulnerable, hold yourself, say no, say yes, ask that question or do that thing.

You only get this life once.

With so much love,

The Ara Team x

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