A Retreat Within Yourself - Experiencing Yoga with Jo

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

The way Jo speaks emcompasses everyone from all walks of life and her teaching reaches the core of your being. Jo has a unique way of speaking that connects to everyone at the same time and brings forth an experience of feeling incredibly supported.

Yoga with Jo on retreat is a way of coming home and coming back to yourself, connecting once again to your body, your internal organs, your mind and all the space inbetween.

Jo has been practicing yoga for many many years. Those that experience Jo's Yoga often talk about feeling so welcome, safe, comfortable and supported. She teaches all walks of life from children in schools, to 'tradies' classes. To read more about Jo's Yoga, see Breathe 1770 Yoga.

“Practicing under the guidance of Jo is grounding, strengthening and like coming home to a place within myself every time.”

Jo joins Ara Arcadia Retreats each time, offering a workshop to centre, ground and come home to yourself.

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