Take A Deeper Look

Updated: May 19

You create your reality 24/7 it is as you say it is.

You say it through your words and thoughts, through your body and feelings.

Especially all your unnoticed thoughts, ideas and feelings about yourself

… the walls are made of shame, guilt, avoidance, suppression, fear, people pleasing, unworthiness, self-degradation.

And you wonder why your reality looks/feels the way it does and how you could possibly take responsibility for creating it, you ask “why would I create this for myself?”

Why indeed.

Take a deeper look, beneath the positive affirmations, beneath the self nurturing routine - what is really lurking in the shadows, that creates your reality 24/7 and why do you keep choosing to keep them there?

Even after aaaaaall your inner work, what are you still hiding from yourself, how are you playing safe, what masks do you still have in place?

Why aren’t you worth being all that you are?

Why don’t you deserve to live your epic life?

Can you even vision your most epic and aligned life?

Or are you undeserving of even visioning the greatest version of you?

What excuses and shame and fear and limitation are you living by?

Why don’t you get help?

Why don’t you say Yes to a transformational experience?

What permission are you waiting for to be all you can be?

Actually ask yourself these questions and find out the answer!

You create your reality, what is your creation telling you?.

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