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Empowered Retreat March 2021


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I have grown immensely

Wow, what a weekend. It’s been over 2 months now since I attended this retreat, and I am still reveling in all of its goodness.

I learnt a lot about myself that weekend and have implemented a lot of what I need to and have grown immensely.

I am walking through life with a lot more confidence in who I am and not afraid to make choices for me now, and not anyone else.

I deepened some great friendship during that weekend and had the best time.

Highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and giving this amazing experience a go. Shelley is wonderful. Thank you.

Jodie Heselwood 26/01/21

A treat for the soul

Gifting yourself with a retreat with the Ara Arcadia family is such a treat for your soul.

To immerse yourselves amongst some deeply loving women and allow your heart to expand, can be very confronting but truly rewarding.

With the most delish' nourishing food, amazing workshops, a chance to get a massage or 2 and time to really go deep with in, I truly recommend it for all women

Mandy Sawtell  31/1/21

Ara Arcadia Retreat Breakfast