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Serenity Retreat 
3 Day Nervous System Reset

Join us for our 3 Day Retreat for Only ~

Single Bed Shared Room ~ $1400

King Bed Private Room  ~ $1800

with ocean views and ensuite 

Master King Suit  ~ $2100

 with ocean views and ensuite 

To make a booking please fill in the form above to register your interest or call 0477226236

Alinghi Ara Arcadia Retreats

I have grown immensely


Wow, what a weekend. It’s been over 2 months now since I attended this retreat, and I am still reveling in all of its goodness.

I learnt a lot about myself that weekend and have implemented a lot of what I need to and have grown immensely.

I am walking through life with a lot more confidence in who I am and not afraid to make choices for me now, and not anyone else.

I deepened some great friendship during that weekend and had the best time.

Highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and giving this amazing experience a go. Shelley is wonderful. Thank you.

Jodie Heselwood 26/01/21

I was looking for Guidance, Support & Nurturing.


This retreat came at a really prevalent time in my life. A time I was looking for guidance, support and nurturing. The incredible facilitators created a space where I was able to really sink into my heart space and give love to all the parts of me that had been neglected for quite some time. Each session offered its own unique experience of exploration, reflection and growth. Whether you’re just craving a time of self reflection, or hoping to delve deeper into your soul journey, I highly recommend this retreat. It shone light on parts of me that need further love and attention, as well as highlighted parts of me that are perfect just the way they are. A powerful experience 🧡

Laura Boullier  24/7/22

Ara Arcadia Retreat