Sound Healing

Feel yourself pause in this moment, connect to your breath and drop into your womb space. Sit deeply in your own authentic space and allow your energy to return, to reconvene back inside the temple of your body.

How incredibly nurturing it feels to give yourself a minute to just be with you!


A Heartsong Sound Healing commences with an invitation to bring your entire energy into your own body, into your own awareness, into this time and this space. An invitation to truly let go of all that you carry for an hour, a request to honour your time by staying with the healing frequencies as we breathe in and connect through our heart spaces together in community, in Ohana.


We begin with a journey to a place deep within your unique world, a landscape inhabited by no one except yourself, your guides, your power animals, all specifically aligned for your energy.


As the sensations of the Crystal and Metallic Sound Bowls orbit through your awareness, a rich sense of “it’s safe to be here” starts to emerge. As you embody the grace and elegance of the crystalline frequencies, new neuro-pathways begin to form inside your brain.


New ways of exisiting emerge as you resonate with the pure harmonic vibrations of crystal intelligence, becoming part of the sound, living completely encompassed within a gorgeous array of sensations through colour, sights, feelings, knowingness, smells. No longer separate from yourself or ‘other’, the waves of the bowls weave healing in and through your awareness, using your body and consciousness as the warp and weft of the fabric of existence. You start to glimpse that potentially, we are all ‘one’. 


Endless and limitless possibilities dance under your feet as the bowls gently remove tiny energetic imbalances, bringing you back to centre, back inside the total authenticity of who you are without having to BE.


During the sound healing session, you are in a temple belonging to you, a space to roam freely, in joy, in exploration, you are a wise being with the soul wisdom of self-healing and self-nurturing. 


As the session closes and you become aware once more of your physical body, the world looks brighter, feels clearer. Waves of emotions may crash through you as your understanding expands to include the journey you have just undertaken. It may take minutes, days or years for all of the packets of information puzzles to open and prompt further exploration into your quest into evolution and an ever flourishing soul growth wisdom.


Thank you for gifting yourself this healing and growth opportunity.