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"Flourish" Retreat 
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Over the past 4 years we have gathered regularly in sacred circles of women to catalyse our personal growth through ceremony, peace and simplicity. Over time, we’ve each developed our capacity for supporting and journeying deeply with our sisters, empowering them to be the creators of their own lives.

The "Flourish" Retreat is an invitation for you to join our circle. An invitation to rejuvenate, reset and reconnect in a compassionate and supported environment where you can design your reality and let your evolution take place.


Ara Arcadia is Greek for: ceremony, peace and simplicity.

About Our Facilitators

The complementary skills of a collective of amazing healers, creates the alchemy that makes Ara Arcadia Retreats truly transformative.


Shelley, the creator of Ara Arcadia 

has weaved together a dynamic team of facilitators, each with their own unique history, wisdom and power, to help create a safe space of profound healing for all who join the circle.


Each retreat births a new theme, and drawing on that theme, a handful of our facilitators will join in creation ~ each time creating a whole new experience on offer.


Through dance, stillness, sound vibration, silence, music, food, creative writing and exploration, you'll be guided toward deeper connection as you work gently to remove any blocks that arise.

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"Our perceptions have shaped us, our responses have the power to recreate us"
Shelley Eyesis Cochrane 

Yoga with Jo

What Our guests Say

Women's circles have always been a source of nourishment and depth over the years, but never in my life have I so immediately felt like part of the family!!


The weaving of such down to earth, yet daringly open, women in Agnes had me feeling astounded, humbled, challenged and totally nurtured. By the end of the retreat I had experienced such a change across my mind soul and body - all levels were utterly satisfied and had been catered for with such thought and love.


I returned home with treasures both physical and internal that carried me joyfully for many moons after, and still now feel I have been welcomed into new and inspiring dimensions, which continue to unfold...highly, highly recommended. What a gift!!                                                                   Kassia Story

"warm heart flows,

glows with embers live.

I hear the whisperings,

always conversing,

as I stop and tune in

I can hear...

well come Sister. "

Kassia Story

"Flourish" Retreat Facilitators 


Shelley Eyesis Cochrane

Alchemist, Permaculturist, Chef and Retreat Founder/Creator

Jo Horigan

Jo Horigan

Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, Bush Walker and Nature Lover

Sharon Groves.jpg

Sharon Groves

Somatic Psychotherapist

Amy Stuth _edited.jpg

Amy Stuth

MindBody Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach and Meditation Leader